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Our Price: $69.95
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Number: OOPFSM1010

The Unforgiven: Classic Western Scores From United Artists (1960)
Limited Edition of 1,500 Copies.
Composed by: David Buttolph, David Raksin, Dimitri Tiomkin, Elmer Bernstein, Gerald Fried


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Limited to 1,500 Copies!

FSM inaugurates a new concept in film score CDs: the "budget box set"—in this case, five western scores from the film library of United Artists presented on a 3CD set for $34.95.

The Unforgiven (1960) starred Burt Lancaster as the eldest son of a Texas pioneer family who secretly adopted an Indian girl as their daughter (Audrey Hepburn). The film was directed by John Huston and explores powerful themes of racism in addition to being a big-budget action spectacle. The score by Dimitri Tiomkin features his Texas-sized sense of showmanship (with large-scale action cues for the frontier) as well as a lyrical, evocative love theme centered on Hepburn's character. The stereo LP (the only surviving music) is presented from the original master tapes.

Cast a Long Shadow (1959) was a low-budget "B" western starring Audie Murphy as a fatherless drifter who inherits a ranch—and nearly destroys it in his effort to prove himself. The tuneful, Coplandesque score by Gerald Fried features an array of pleasing Americana themes and large-scale cues for the cattle roundups. It is presented in complete, chronological form in monaural sound.

The Horse Soldiers (1959) is more accurately a Civil War film—the only one John Ford directed—starring John Wayne as a Union colonel who leads a horse cavalry on a sabotage raid deep into Confederate territory. William Holden costars as a humanitarian Union doctor. The score by David Buttolph makes liberal use of Civil War-era melodies, many of them performed vocally (in the style of the 1950s) as marching songs. The (electronic) stereo LP is presented here—the only surviving masters—which was more of a Civil War concept album containing a few Buttolph score cues.

Invitation to a Gunfighter (1964) was a moody film starring Yul Brynner as an engimatic Cajun gunslinger hired by a small New Mexico Territory town to eliminate an ex-Rebel soldier. The film is not a High Noon-style suspense piece as much as a character story of prejudice and unrequited love. David Raksin's intricate, emotionally "interior" score features a terrific main title, and notably omits strings in favor of a chamber-like sound that emphasizes woodwinds. The complete score is presented in monaural sound from the finished film's music stem.

Finally, Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969) was the second sequel—and third film overall—in the popular The Magnificent Seven series, starring George Kennedy, James Whitmore and Joe Don Baker amongst the titular gunfighters. Elmer Bernstein returned (along with his famous theme) in the score that was adapted for the new film by his orchestrators, Leo Shuken and Jack Hayes. Essentially, the score features versions of Bernstein's themes from the first two Magnificent Seven films arranged by Shuken and Hayes and then newly conducted by Bernstein in London. The previously unreleased complete score is presented in excellent stereo sound.

If FSM released these three discs separately, the cost would be $59.85—or even $50.85 if the discs were $16.95 each. By bundling the material together as a "budget box," the cost is down to $34.95, and listeners get to enjoy some rare material that might never be released on its own. Extensive liner notes are by Lukas Kendall. The three discs and 32-page booklet are packaged in a "butterfly" or "clamshell" case (as with our 3CD sets of Mutiny on the Bounty and Goodbye, Mr. Chips), all attractively designed by Joe Sikoryak.








track list

    Click on track TIME for MP3 sound clip. Click on track title (selected tracks only) for Real Audio.



    The Unforgiven

    Music Composed and Conducted by Dimitri Tiomkin

  1. Prologue 1:53
  2. The Unforgiven -- Main Title 3:20
  3. Across the Texas Panhandle 2:19
  4. Turkey in the Straw 1:13
  5. The Horse Ballet 2:39
  6. Search for Abe Kelsey 1:22
  7. Charlie Courts Rachel 2:31
  8. Kiowa Warpath 2:34
  9. The Capture of Abe Kelsey 2:27
  10. The Unforgiven Alone 1:24
  11. Riding Back to the Soddy 1:44
  12. Mattilda Confesses 1:29
  13. The Kiowas Attack 3:23
  14. After the Battle -- End Title 2:28

    Total Time: 31:20

    Cast a Long Shadow

    Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried

  15. Main Title/Chip's Introduction 2:59
  16. Chip Rescues Matt 1:22
  17. Return to Ranch 1:00
  18. Hortensia 1:39
  19. Family Quarrel/Matt's Return/Janet and Matt 5:18
  20. The Kiss 1:10
  21. The Fight/Matt Takes Over 2:19
  22. Plans for Santa Fe/The Roundup 3:40
  23. Matt Fires Rigdon/The Disagreement 4:39
  24. The Bar Brawl/Matt Fires Chip 1:30
  25. Janet Repents 1:40
  26. The Cattle Drive 1:21
  27. Chip Leaves/Heavies Stalk 3:04
  28. Chip Joins Matt 1:40
  29. The Runaway/The Flats 2:49
  30. Father and Son 1:07
  31. The Stampede/Reconciliation/Santa Fe (End Title) 3:38

    Total Time: 41:32

    Total Disc Time: 72:59


    The Horse Soldiers

    Music Composed and Conducted by David Buttolph

  1. Dixie* 1:43
  2. I Left My Love (Jones) 2:36
  3. Lorena* 3:00
  4. Bonnie Blue Flag* 1:59
  5. I Left My Love (Jones) 2:17
  6. When Johnny Comes Marching Home* 1:36
  7. Bonnie Blue Flag* 2:54
  8. The Girl I Left Behind* 2:06
  9. Deep River -- Lorena* 2:46
  10. Kingdom Coming* 1:31
  11. Tenting Tonight* 1:38
  12. By the Campfire 1:35
  13. When Johnny Comes Marching Home* 2:29

    Total Time: 28:49

    *Arr. by D. Buttolph

    Invitation to a Gunfighter

    Music Composed and Conducted by David Raksin

  14. Main Title 3:46
  15. Welcome Home/Open Up 3:17
  16. Matte Shotte/Like Leave 1:03
  17. Wotsa Matt 1:31
  18. Real Homelike 2:39
  19. Dancer/Knox Time Neck 2:24
  20. Lookout Cookout 0:51
  21. To Keep What's Mine, Part 1 2:07
  22. Lullabye/Last for Awhile (Vocal by Yul Brynner) 5:23
  23. Never on Sentry/Tina Can 1:29
  24. The Quarry/To Keep What's Mine, Part 2 2:15
  25. Something I Want/Get Rid 2:52
  26. What Are You/Save Your Pity 2:56
  27. Ruthless/Eyelash in Gaza 6:46
  28. Gemiflections 1:38
  29. I Give You Two Lives/Forgive Me/I Now Bequeath 7:03
  30. What He Wanted 1:23

    Total Time: 50:05

    Total Disc Time: 79:01


    Guns of the Magnificent Seven

    Music Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein


  1. Logo 0:15
  2. Main Title 3:19
  3. Church Sanctuary 1:50
  4. Farmers' Demise 2:29
  5. Quick Exit/Max Joins Up 1:59
  6. Explosion 2:29
  7. Hat Trick/Belly Dancer/One-Armed Gunnie 2:12
  8. High Hung Farmers 2:05
  9. Father & Son/Saddle Pals 3:03
  10. Un Porco es un Porco/Nightmare 2:12
  11. Ceremony Is Over 3:18
  12. Aftermath/None for Out/New Recruits 3:31
  13. The Lay of the Land 0:47
  14. A Man and a Boy/Lace Hanky/Lobero's Camp Suicide/The Riding Seven 3:16
  15. Cantina Rushed 3:44
  16. Attack 4:29
  17. End Title 3:40

    Total Time: 45:22

    Guitar Source Music

  18. Guitar Source 2:44
  19. Thin & Handsome 2:35
  20. Camp Source Pt. 1 2:07
  21. Camp Source Pt. 2 1:30
  22. Camp Source Pt. 3 3:08

Total Time: 12:13

Total Disc Time: 57:41

Real Audio may be required for audio clips.
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