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Number: OOPMSM08003

Composed by: Jorge Arriagada

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Persephone 01
Flanneries 06
The Double 11
Sic Transit 17
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Providing a Vienesse musical kaleidoscope for the musical setting for Raoúl Ruiz’ European arthouse movie about the famous painter Gustav Klimt, portrayed by John Malkovich, Chilean composer Jorge Arriagada (Our Lady of the Assassins, Le Temps retrouvé and Comedy of Innocence) quotes influences from classical composers such as Arnold Schoenberg, Gustav Mahler, Alban Berg and Franz Schubert. The music “strives to convey the morale and aesthetics of 1900 to the audience in order to revive the spirit of this fundamental painter,” says the composer, who himself studied under a protegé of the Vienesse music school, Max Deutsch.

Nick Ingman conducts The Sinfonia of London.

1. Persephone 3:06
2. Monuments of Vienna 3:11
3. Rosamond (piano version) 1:23
4. Chinoiserie 2:04
5. Cafe Central 1:26
6. Flanneries 2:06
7. The Angel 2:00
8. Evocation 1:13
9. Bonbon Waltz 1:38
10. Transitions 4:44
11. The Double 2:52
12. Trifleness 1:14
13. Recalling the Old Masters 1:00
14. Scene from a Film 1:33
15. History of Music 1:28
16. Rosamonde 1:38
17. Sic Transit 2:07
18. The Primavesi’s Ball 1:25
19. Mirrors 4:39
20. Moustache 1:16
21. Snow 1:16

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