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Our Price: $14.95
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Number: HWRCD021

Composed by: Iain Kelso

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Illi Audiebant Libro 01
Prologue & Main Title 02
The Death of Lawrence Kell 19
Jacob's Last Stand 24
Transfiguration 27
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Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents JACOB by award-winning composer Iain Kelso (THE MYSTICAL ADVENTURES OF BILLY OWENS). Iain Kelso is a Canadian-born composer who studied violin, clarinet, piano, violoncello, and contrabass. JACOB is a rich and emotional score composed and orchestrated by Iain Kelso, featuring viola, French horn, and violoncello conducted by Alejandro Ramirez Rojas.

Directed by Larry Wade Carrell, the film JACOB follows the Kell family suffering under the rule of Otis, the abusive head of household. With a supernatural twist, the horror centers around the title character and the close protective bond he shares with his younger sister. JACOB also features a performance by action film icon Michael Biehn.

1. Illi Audiebant Libro 5:40
2. Prologue & Main Title 2:21
3. Cycling to MacLeod House 5:09
4. Otis Attacks 1:47
5. And Edith Defends Him 2:57
6. Edith Remebers the Inheritance 1:18
7. Voices 1:09
8. A Bad Feeling 1:04
9. Red Handed 1:35
10. Warning About Jacob 0:31
11. Edith Remembers the Renovations 4:19
12. Told What He Can and Cannot Do 0:27
13. Otis Broils 2:02
14. The Last Tea Party 1:11
15. Otis Snaps 2:32
16. Into Pieces 2:26
17. Discovered by Edith 0:42
18. It's Jacob 0:55
19. The Death of Lawrence Kell 6:14
20. Billy Gets the News 4:29
21. Off to a Good Start 3:00
22. Headed to the Cemetary 2:40
23. The Other Sissy 3:08
24. Jacob's Last Stand 5:40
25. Epilogue 1:39
26. End Title 0:56
27. Transfiguration 2:18

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