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Our Price: $29.95
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Number: TWILIGHT309-BR

Starring:  Richard Greene, George Sanders, Robert Coote, Linda Darnell, Glenn Langan, Richard Haydn, Jessica Tandy, Anne Revere, Cornel Wilde
Directed By:  Otto Preminger
Composed By:  David Raksin

“Lush theatricalism…certainly a more becoming Amber could hardly be conceived than the firm, luxurious creature that Linda Darnell makes.”
– Bosley Crowther, The New York Times

“A surefire wicket-spinner…a wealth of derring-do, 17th-century knavery and debauchery, and the rest of a depraved court’s atmosphere. It’s solid escapology.”
– Variety

Otto Preminger’s lush adaptation of Kathleen Winsor’s controversial best-selling novel, Forever Amber (1947) tells the notorious tale of Amber St. Clare (Linda Darnell), an opportunistic wench who, hopping from bed to bed, rises to become the mistress of the roguish King Charles II (George Sanders). Meanwhile, she can only briefly hold on to her true love, the cavalier Bruce Carlton (Cornel Wilde), although she tries her best, through the traumas of bubonic plague and the Great Fire of London. Juicy melodrama, beautifully shot by Leon Shamroy and featuring a stunning score by the one and only David Raksin.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 1.33:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA
1947 / Color

Special Features: Isolated Music Track / Linda Darnell: Hollywood’s Fallen Angel

Limited Edition of 3,000 Units

Reviews and Comments: (8)
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Posted by C. Thomas Mayer on December 11, 2017 1:21 PM
I am hoping this new Twilight Time Blu-ray release of FOREVER AMBER is the fully restored version, since the past releases on DVD and VHS and Laserdisc were incomplete. The ending was shortened by the censors years ago, and Image Entertainment was planning a full restoration of the original ending on Image Laserdisc just about the time that Laserdiscs were becoming extinct with the booming sales of up and coming DVDs.Please release this beautiful film in it's original glory, without the butchered and abrupt release version ending. In case anyone is interested in the contents of the original ending, it shows Linda Darnell as Amber, after Cornel Wilde leaves with their son...the infamous shortened ending depicts Amber at the window watching her family depart from her domain, while the complete ending has her return to her vanity mirror to primp and brush her hair, as if she is over the sad departure, and continues to be the vain, cold-hearted and beautiful vixen she has always been.

Posted by C. Thomas Mayer on December 11, 2017 1:22 PM
Postscript: If the Twilight Time Blu-ray release does NOT contain the original and complete ending, I DEFINITELY will NOT purchase it(!) Thank you!

Posted by haylyn challis on December 28, 2017 8:10 AM
Well at last I am satisfied with this new edition on the Twilight label. It is no good complaining about what is missing etc, etc..We shall never know what the prepared, original ending was.This is the version I saw in the Cinema as a boy in 1947. I also remember I recorded the complete soundtrack on audio cassette, from a TV tuner, just before Home Video recording came out, and that had the voice over on the print.Subsequent TV showings then had the voice over taken out and the end butchered,until now.
I personally love the voice over of Cornel Wilde.. Lets face it it's the film one watches, and it is beautifully shot,and entertaining and, of course David Raksin's penultimate score.

Thanks Twilight
Haylyn Challis..

Posted by Gary Smith on December 24, 2017 7:52 PM
I just finished watching the new Twilight Time Blu-ray of Forever Amber and I have mixed feelings about it. I noticed that the comment prior to mine complained that all previous VHS tapes and DVDs have the truncated ending. That's because the original ending no longer exists. Twilight Time couldn't restore it if they wanted to and I greatly doubt Image could have done if for a Laser Disc either. It hasn't existed for decades. I have spent a great deal of time researching every aspect of Forever Amber. I even wrote a book about the film and, believe me, I have tried many sources to see if that ending still exists. I truly believe that it no longer does.

I was hoping for a major restoration on Amber for the Blu-ray but the print is still darker than it should be. I have seen 35mm Technicolor prints of this movie on several occasions and the color was far brighter than this. Also I have some qualms about the tweaking they did with the ending. The Fox Archives DVD ends without the voice over by Cornel Wilde. This voiceover was imposed by the Catholic Legion of Decency when they forced Fox to cut off the original ending. I suppose it gives a greater sense of finality to the film but I still wish it wasn't there. Fortunately the Twilight Time edition eliminates the awful "wages of sin" voiceover during the opening credits which also imposed by the CLD.

Posted by Gary Smith on December 28, 2017 11:18 AM
For those curious about the original ending of Amber, here it is as written in the script.


Amber goes slowly over to the window, parts the curtains and looks out. From her angle Bruce and Little Bruce appear in the garden outside, walking away from the building. The walk should be long and sustained; they are walking out of Amber's life. As they reach a hedge and turn behind it, just before they disappear from view, Bruce put an arm around the boy's shoulders.

Nan, her own eyes full of tears, comes into the scene behind Amber. There is a short pause, then Amber, with eyes full of tears, speaks quietly:


NAN: Yes, Amber.

AMBER: Tell Sir Thomas Dudley I'll be happy to have supper with him tonight.

Nan nods and goes out of the scene. CAMERA MOVES WITH AMBER over to her dressing table and mirrors. She sits down and begins methodically to apply makeup to her face. As we move into a FULL CLOSEUP of her white, tragic image in the mirror.


Fox still has the sound elements for this scene but not the picture.

Posted by Michael O'Farrell on January 5, 2018 9:09 AM
"Forever Amber" is an entertaining if somewhat plodding costume epic that has several things going for it. Star Linda Darnell is beautiful and a compelling presence. George Sanders as Charles the 2nd gives his customary brilliant performance, his character's wit and sarcasm, a Sanders specialty, add immeasurably to this film, particularly the second half which picks up considerable momentum and features Sanders more often. The Technicolor cinematography does seem subdued and rather dark, although the original presentation most likely was lit somewhat dark for the many interior scenes. However, overall I was satisfied with this visual presentation which looks far , far better than a VHS tape I saw of the film many years ago. David Raskin's original music score is an integral part of the film that boosts the drama considerably. This is a lavish production and well worth seeing.

Posted by Mark Turner on January 30, 2018 6:36 PM
Personal tastes can affect the way you watch a movie or decide what it is you will watch. But it's also nice to extend yourself past the sort of movies you favor to see what else is out there. Such was the case when I received my copy of FOREVER AMBER. In reading the synopsis I could tell it wasn't my normal type of film to enjoy. But I watched it anyone determined to see if I would enjoy it or not. The end result was a mixed bag.

The movie is based on the best-selling novel, considered scandalous at the time it was released and banned in several cities. It tells the story of a young woman named Amber St. Clair (Linda Darnell), raised by puritans, who leaves her home behind after meeting an adventurer named Bruce Carlton (Cornel Wilde). Carlton romances Amber but then leaves her behind to go off to the new world. He leaves her with some money but she is soon taken advantage of and thrown into prison.

Unfortunately for Amber she discovers she is pregnant with Bruce's child. She meets a highwayman when the prison guards pimp out the female prisoners who helps her escape and sets her up in his place. But as the movie moves forward you begin to see that a pattern develops with Amber. This new beau is killed during a scam the pair have concocted and she ends up with another man who wants to marry her, never realizing she continues to pine for Bruce with the intent to marry him.

Bruce continues to come and go into Amber's life. Her son grows from infant to child. And eventually she finds herself in the King's favor, King Charles II (George Sanders). But even when she finally achieves the status and social position she thinks will win her the favor of Carlton she brings ruin to her plans. It isn't until the end of the film that you discover if she succeeds or not. And even that is left up in the air when you learn that the company that released the film changed the ending.

The movie runs longer than one would think at over 2 hours, long for a movie that was released in 1947. And to be honest it felt like it ran long too. That isn't to say it isn't a good movie or that the story doesn't keep you watching, but it feels repetitious at times. The acting is superb with both Darnell and Wilde giving it their all. Sanders dry way of playing the king also is worth noting.

Fans of night time soaps or costume dramas will find this film to their liking. Others will be able to enjoy it but won't make an effort to seek it out. On the whole it was a nice movie with an interesting story but for me the melodrama became a bit much. Then again I'd just finished watching WUTHERING HEIGHTS before putting this one in so that may not have helped.

Twilight Time has provided the cleanest version of the film to ever be offered but what would one expect from them by now? They always do a tremendous job an don't fail to do so here. Extras include an isolated music track, a featurette entitled LINDA DARNELL: HOLLYWOOD'S FALLEN ANGEL and writings by film historian Julie Kirgo. As with all Twilight Time titles this one is limited to just 3,000 copies so if interested pick yours up before they're gone.

Posted by Edward Weinman on January 11, 2018 3:40 AM
0The CD of David Raksin's remarkable score, conducted by the great Alfred Newman with his 20th Century Fox Orchestra is one for the ages. It is not many short cues but, rather, put together s a four movement symphony by some very talented people. The origional scoring for this film is on the CD and what a fabulous score it is! It is not in the film which probably upset Mr. Raksin tremendously but if you can find the CD, in stereo no less!, snap it up as soon as possible. I don't know how many copies were made but the CD is one for the ages. And what playing by that remarkable ensemble...every note is clear as a bell and almost sounds as if it were recorded yesterday! The fun thing about the CD is that is starts with the old FOX trademark in mono composed and conducted by Alfred Newman but when the Main Title kicks in your almost blown out of your seat by the stereo clarity! I believe it to be one of David Raksin's masterpieces and I believe that the only reason that it did not win the Academy Award is that the score is too good for the film! I had the emense pleasure of being in Mr. Raksin's film composition class at USC in the 60's for two consecutive years and he did alot for me including getting me in to ASCAP and getting studio musicians to play a score that I wrote for a documentary called "The Legend of Soup Spoon" (god only knows what happened to this production!....)I stopped by Films Incorporated on Hollywood Blvd. in the 0's and there on the counter was a flier on the documentary with a statement from Mickey Rooney lauding the music!

Try and get the CD if you can find it. The level of composition and the performance is one of legend.

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