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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: QR325

Composed by: Panu Aaltio

Quartet Records and Moviscore Media presents the energetic adventure score of IFMCA Award winning Finnish composer Panu Aaltio.

Based on the award-winning children’s novel by Paula Noronen, Super Furball tells the story of Emilia whose chance encounter with a guinea pig gives her special powers which she must learn to use. The classic superhero origin story is given a furry twist and an empowering message as Emilia not only uses her gift to stand up to bullies at school, but also solves an environmental crisis that poses a danger to her home in Helsinki.

Aaltio’s score is a fun twist on the superhero genre with strong thematic material for our furry protagonist, as well as warmer, more pastoral material for the main heroine who must solve domestic issues in her human form. There’s also great action writing for the numerous action sequences, including “Learning to Fly” where our hero first gets accustomed to her unusual powers.

The eight-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai with quotes from Panu Aaltio himself, discussing the score.

1. Super Furball Theme (0:55)
2. Prologue (1:47)
3. Main Title (1:57)
4. Late for School (1:46)
5. Two Homes and a Running Wheel (1:48)
6. Ominous Signs (3:09)
7. Furball Taxi (3:49)
8. Friends (2:28)
9. Herring Here, Herring Everywhere (2:14)
10. Emilia’s Transformation (3:08)
11. First Meeting (2:15)
12. Superhero, Difficulties (1:46)
13. Learning to Fly (1:18)
14. Underwater (4:38)
15. The Herring Chief (1:55)
16. A Talk with Dad (1:38)
17. Bath Tub (2:09)
18. The Water Park (3:14)
19. A Herring Plan (3:04)
20. Bullies (1:12)
21. The Here We Need (5:55)
22. Classroom Courage (1:25)
23. Clean Water (2:06)


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