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Our Price: $15.95
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Number: VARVSD6757385

Composed by: Nathan Barr

From subtle cues to bombastic melodies, Nathan Barr's unique blend of instrumentation follows this family saga starring Pierce Brosnan. Based on Philipp Meyer's same-title best-seller, the series focuses on Eli's, (Brosnan), transformation from hard-working family man to paranoid, calculating killer. The album also features three original vocal performances, including one from Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.

1. Main Title 00:37
2. Short List 00:48
3. Waiting for Robert E. Lee Vocal by Frank Fairfield 2:49
4. Strapped Horses 1:22
5. Family Destroyed 3:01
6. Aftermath 4:50
7. Always A Risk 1:37
8. Steel Arrow 1:45
9. Escoute Home 2:24
10.Young Eli Returns 3:19
11. Trouble Begins 1:43
12. Battle Continues 2:40
13. Ghosts of Eli's Past 2:00
14. Loving Maria 1:47
15. Bad Apples 3:26
16. Photo Montage 1:19
17.Wedding 3:00
18. Oh! You Beautiful Doll Vocal by Charissa Hogeland 3:02
19. Eli Roams 2:37
20. Eli's Speech 2:19
21. Then I'll Kill Him 00:57
22. Shooting Resumes 1:53
23. Seemed A Better Way Vocal by Billy F. Gibbons 5:38

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