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Composed by: Michael J. Lewis

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Aurelia's Theme 01
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Stereo, PROMO

Taken from the popular play by Jean Giraudoux, The Madwoman Of Chaillot has an international all-star cast, but the final result falls short despite the talents of the celebrated thespians. The madwoman in question is the extremely eccentric Countess Aurelia (Katherine Hepburn). Roderick (Richard Chamberlain) is the peace-loving activist who, along with a local rag picker (Danny Kaye), warns the Countess of a plot to destroy the city. A quartet of villains led by the Chairman (Yul Brenner) are after the oil reserves that bubble under the water supply. Along with the Broker (Charles Boyer), the Commissar (Oscar Homolka), and the Prospector (Donald Pleasence), the evil developers plan to secure the oil rights to the region with or without the consent of the unsuspecting public. The Countess invites Josephine (Dame Edith Evans) to judge the villains, who are locked in the Countess's cellar for their crimes against the people of Paris in this lethargic film. The performance of Danny Kaye is the highlight of an otherwise dull story that failed to transfer from stage to screen with the desired effect. 1969

1. Aurelia's Theme
2. Bois de Boulogne Music
3. Cafe Francaise Music-Irma's Theme
4. Remember the first Time
5. Palais de Chaillot
6. Stay and Fall in Love
7. Thoughts of Long Ago
8. Shall I?
9. Fantasy
10. Bass Trill
11. Irma's Theme
12. Romance de Chaillot
13. Barrel organ
14. Old 78 Chaillot party track
15. Cellar Music
16. Irma's Room
17. Finale Aurelia's Theme

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