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Composed by: Michael J. Lewis

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Murder and Aftermath 01
Jet Disaster 02
Destruction of Cathedral 21
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In The Medusa Touch Brunel (Lino Ventura), a French detective on temporary assignment with Scotland Yard, investigates a mysterious series of disasters. The uncanny events begin happening shortly after writer John Morlar (Richard Burton) was hit over the head by an unknown intruder and rendered comatose. Slowly, Brunel begins to connect the strange things that are happening in the world with the deranged dreams of the comatose Morlar. He gets the final clue he needs from Morlar's reluctant psychiatrist, Dr. Zonfield (Lee Remick), who holds the key to Morlar's past. Once it is discovered that Morlar has the ability to think horrible thoughts and make them come true, Brunel and Zonfield must take off with dispatch to a London cathedral, where the Queen is scheduled to make an appearance -- but Morlar is thinking about the cathedral, and it is crumbling fast. Well-liked in Britain, this movie did not do well in the U.S. 1978

1. Murder and Aftermath (2:04)
2. Jet Disaster (0:50)
3. Bad Vibes (1:46)
4. Morlars Dilemma (1:36)
5. Pondering (1:13)
6. Telekinesis (1:12)
7. Grazioso (3:34)
8. Positive Reactions (0:49)
9. Nostalgic Tea Party (1:23)
10. Deliberation (2:34)
11. Dark Moments (2:45)
12. Falling Time (3:19)
13. A Little Light (2:14)
14. More Dark Moments (1:17)
15. Vibrations (3:18)
16. Pulsations (1:23)
17. Two (1:50)
18. Elevation (3:29)
19. Passing Time (Bossa Nova) (3:30)
20. More Bad Vibes (1:47)
21. Destruction of Cathedral (5:01)
22. Final Action (2:15)
23. Finale (1:50)

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