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Number: TWILIGHT219-BR

Starring:  Jessica Harper, Bob Hoskins, Richard Dreyfuss, Veronica Cartwright, Stephen Davies
Directed By:  John Byrum

“A beautifully acted, tough-talking comedy that, at its wildest moments, manages to evoke the comedies of the late Joe Orton. It won’t warm the heart, but its bleakness is almost buoyant.” – Vincent Canby, The New York Times

“John Byrum’s controversial first feature…Wittily scripted and engagingly acted (by Richard Dreyfuss, Jessica Harper, Veronica Cartwright, and Bob Hoskins)…peppered liberally with inside movie references.” – Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader

Written and directed by John Byrum, Inserts (1975) is a rarely seen cult favorite, the tale of a once-successful silent film director (Richard Dreyfuss) reduced in the sound era to making porn films in the decrepit mansion he refuses to leave. Trouble arrives in the form of a bootlegger-turned-mogul (Bob Hoskins) and his desperately ambitious actress girlfriend (Jessica Harper). Also starring the super vulnerable Veronica Cartwright.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 1.85:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA
1975 / Color
RATED NC-17 Explicit Sexuality

Special Features: Isolated Music & Effects Track / Original Theatrical Trailer

Limited Edition of 3,000 Units

Reviews and Comments: (1)
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Posted by Mark Turner on July 28, 2017 1:13 PM

INSERTS is one of those movies that while watching you find yourself thinking you’ll need a shower after watching it. No, it’s not that the images are the most pornographic ever filmed but the story, the situations and the entire feeling of the film evokes that feeling from scene to scene. That it features name actors, was released by a major studio and was even made is mind boggling.

The story of INSERTS revolves around Boy Wonder (Richard Dreyfuss), a once hotshot director during the silent era who has fallen on hard times due to both his difficulty in transitioning from silent to sound films as well as his rampant alcoholism. He now spends his days reclusively living in his once glorious home and shooting silent porno shorts. In walks Harlene (Veronica Cartwright), a flapper with a squeaky voice ala Betty Boop and a positive attitude. Having been in movies she still longs to be the star and dreams of getting there. Aside from her voice her love of heroin also makes this less than realistic.

The conversation between these two characters revolves around what they once were, what she dreams of being, using drugs and her willingness to do whatever it takes to be on film. They also bring up the topic of Boy Wonder’s erectile dysfunction issue which becomes recurring one throughout the film. When Rex the Wonder Dog (Stephen Davies) shows, and no he isn’t really a dog, the filming begins. This is not porn as many know it. This is rough and violent action taking place between these two, egged on by Dreyfuss which only increases what he is filming.

The movie alters a bit here with the arrival of Big Mac (Bob Hoskins), the financier of these films being made and a mobster if ever there was one. On his arm is Cathy Cake (Jessica Harper), a lovely young thing Mac has his eye on with the intent of marrying. But Cathy is as much a user as every character in this film, hoping that her ties with Mac will lead to a part in a feature film. Mac is also the source of heroin used by Harlene and he gives her what she needs, sending her off to take her dose. What happens then leads the film down a dark path. I would describe it but it would become a major spoiler that I would rather not reveal for the less timid who choose to watch this one.

Yes, the acting is good, yes the dialogue between characters rings true and yes it is shot well. And yet the movie draws you in by discussing the fallen dreams of people. It is a hopeless world where the worst you can expect of anyone is always the first thing they deliver. There are no characters here to root for, no one you can relate to (I hope!) and the situations they are involved in rank among the most despicable you can imagine.

When released the movie was given an NC-17 rating and it is well deserved, not so much because of the full frontal nudity (which is here) but because of the thematic elements here. It’s a movie that some will want to watch to say they have done so, some will want to watch because of its notoriety and others will watch because they want to see everything done by a particular actor/actress. My guess is that for most one viewing will be more than enough. Twilight Time has done their usual spectacular job in the presentation of the movie with as clean a print as you can have on blu-ray. In the end it is up to the viewer to determine if this is their sort of movie or not.

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