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Name: SAE
Number: SAECRS015

No. Tracks: 28
Composed by: Alfred Newman

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title 01
“A Chicago Country Club Dance” 04
Last Night Together 11
After the Wedding 14
The Mountain Retreat 17
Finale 26
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Darryl F. Zanick's first 1946 class drama starring Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, Anne Baxter (supporting actress Oscar winner), John Payne, Clifton Webb and Herbert Marshall as the novel's author W. Somerset Maugham.

Inspired Alfred Newman score with one of the most powerful main titles of his career. 36 page color booklet with authoritative notes by Rudy Behlmer, Jon Burlingame and Ray Faiola. For the first time completely mastered from original stereo elements by the legendary Ray Faiola.

1. Main Title (1:35)
2. “April Showers” (2:51)
3. “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (2:02)
4. “A Chicago Country Club Dance” (2:02)
5. “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” (1:45)
6. “The Missouri Waltz” (1:48)
7. “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (1:47)
8. Larry’s Journey Overseas (1:20)
9. Isabel and Larry in Paris (1:46)
10. Returned Engagement Ring (:40)
11. Last Night Together (1:38)
12. Night Clubbing (6:28)
13. The Wedding Cake (:50)
14. After the Wedding (:45)
15. Miner’s Cafe (2:00)
16. Larry Travels to the East (5:15)
17. The Mountain Retreat (6:44)
18. Larry and Maugham Reunited (:11)
19. Somerset Maugham and the Princess (:41)
20. The Rue De Lappe (2:47)
21. Cocktails at the Ritz (1:52)
22. Sophie’s Torment (3:09)
23. Oboesque (1:43)
24. Sophie’s Room (2:13)
25. After Elliott’s Death (1:43)
26. Finale (:54)
27. Exit Music (4:13)
28. “J’aime ta Pomme” ("Mam'selle") Demo (2:38)

"The man I am writing about is not famous. It may be that he never will be. It may be that when his life at last comes to an end he will leave no more trace of his sojourn on earth than a stone thrown into a river leaves on the surface of the water. But it may be that the way of life that he has chosen for himself and the peculiar strength and sweetness of his character may have an ever-growing influence over his fellow men so that, long after his death perhaps, it may be realized that there lived in this age a very remarkable creature."

W. Somerset Maugham, THE RAZOR'S EDGE

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